Inspired by our children, and their special needs, we have over the years searched for products that are natural, and will help with many allergies and skin conditions that we have had to over come. During this period of searching, we started to produce natural soaps and creams for our children's skin requirements. After giving the products to friends and family we have received some very good feedback. we then started locally to sell the items, and are now expanding our business to social media platforms and selling sites. we pride ourselves on the family run business, we source ethically and ecologically where possible and always use natural ingredients.
We would love to hear feedback on our products and are here to help with skin allergies and conditions that could be resolved utilising all natural ingredients.
We hope you enjoy our products, inspired by our children

The information on this website about herbs, nutrition, health and well-being cannot be viewed as advice. This information has been researched from books, publications, and other websites and is not a source of authority, it is shared with the public for reference purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by any medical doctor and should not be taken as medical advice.

Natural and organic

In pursuit of our goals to ensure our children only have the best natural and organic ingredients we source locally and ethically where possible, however some of our product are not grown within the UK.

When we purchase from abroad, we will always ask for certification and proof of authenticity, we publish these in our about use page.



Certificates and authenticity

We will list all those necessary documents here